when does rachel leave one tree hill

When Rachel was growing up she was an obese adolescent and developed serious insecurities about herself and the way she looked, which would continue to haunt her long into her teenage life. Answer Save. Owen and Brooke then fought to save her, eventually succeeding and saving her life. ("Things I Forgot at Birth"), Haley watches Rachel flirting with Nathan. Incorrectly believing Brooke to be pregnant, Rachel tried to persuade her to have an abortion and not "ruin her life". Discover (and save!) Rachel quickly resumed her friendships with Brooke and Mouth, as well as her antagonistic relationship with Haley, and she was accepted as part of the group as they prepared to say goodbye to high school. Top Answer. Rachel eventually awakened and Brooke was there to support her, all the while still telling her she was stupid not letting Brooke help her. Nathan will survive, maybe both Rachel and Cooper will die because they are both two minor characters on the show. Danneel Ackles (née Elta Danneel Graul; March 18, 1979), credited professionally before 2012 as Danneel Harris, is an American actress and model.She played the role of Shannon McBain on the American daytime soap opera One Life to Live and Rachel Gatina on the WB/CW television drama series One Tree Hill. Rachel's first relationship itself was based on a lie, when she started dating Cooper Lee who believed she was a 26-year old model. When Nathan and Mouth arrived Jimmy pulled the gun on the students revealing himself to be the shooter. Brooke eventually agreed after Rachel said she didn't want to be alone again and she brought her back to Tree Hill. After the game, Rachel copied Brooke's signature move of having sex in the back of Lucas' car and, after finding them, Brooke punched Rachel in the face. Later that night, Dan suggested to Rachel that they take a vacation and return to Tree Hill because he wanted to go home. As part the rules of their non-exclusivity, Lucas said he wasn't making Brooke feel jealous. Mouth then apologized to her but she brushed it off and tried to get him to be more confident by playing mind games with girls. After the party, Rachel and the gang headed to the River Court and wrote their names on the court floor and promised to return to Tree Hill in four years and Rachel then embarked onto adulthood without direction. Rachel then steals the wedding limo and Cooper is forced to get inside to stop her from doing something stupid. One Tree Hill concluded its ninth and final season on April 4, 2012. When the fighting between the cheerleaders became problematic Brooke organized a Fantasy Boy Draft, which also served to stop Rachel and Lucas from being together. She is more heavily spoken of in Silent Hill 4: The Room as another possible connection between James and Frank Sunderland, however her name is mysteriously spelled "Rachael" in opposition to the second installment. Nathan however revealed Haley's pregnancy and Rachel instantly backed off and admitted that she didn't see Keith. She also revealed that she did it because it makes good TV, before walking away leaving Dan confused. As far as audiences are concerned, a lot (and we mean A LOT) of One Tree Hill fans almost gave up on the series after season 3. Danneel Ackles One Tree Hill was my very first television audition; it. ("Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers"), During a class assignment, the seniors of Tree Hill High were challenged to face the way others see them, and the way in which they want to be scene. After the show, Rachel revealed to Dan that she hired the man to expose him, because whenever they shine a light on his mistakes and he fights back it inspires people. I feel really lucky to have that level of success . ("You Call It Madness, But I Call It Love"), The following day she was formally expelled from Tree Hill High, just as she had been from her previous schools. Answer. Asked by Wiki User. ("Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers"), She reinvented herself as one of the popular and the elite, something which came easily given her new attractive looks. However, because Haley was tutoring Rachel she was fired from the tutor centre as the test was her responsibility. Also during the weekend, Brooke's rivalry with Rachel came back to the forefront when she caught Brooke, as Rachel quoted it, "Brooking" herself. ("I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight"), After the show with Renee, Scott Free Redemption's ratings soared and Rachel started to plan ahead for sweeps, but Dan became preoccupied with his concerns regarding his heart operation. Still bitter about her flirtation with Lucas and unaware they slept together, Brooke was initially dismissive of Rachel and her sexy routine. Sure, Rachel Gatina pulled a few stunts during her tenure on The WB/CW’s One Tree Hill — including steering a limousine off a bridge, nearly killing four people in the process — but even with… Appearances: Brown Meanwhile, Nathan continues to struggle with memories of the accident. The show then went lives from the hallway were Dan killed Keith but Rachel, like the audience, was stunned when Dan said that the show was wrong and cruel and incentive to both Keith and Jimmy. 1 2 3. divorced from Dan Scott Both on and off screen, the two played the part of the perfect couple, despite the fact that Rachel seemed more concerned with the show's financial success than actually helping people. ("The Show Must Go On"), Rachel, however, faced more pressing matters when the pictures from the cabinet revealing Rachel before she had surgery were displayed around the town on posters teasing that the identity of the girl would soon be revealed. After being fired from Clothes Over Bros, Rachel works as a stripper. screencap. When Rachel told Brooke to accept her own role in what happened, after leaving money with a junkie, Brooke slapped Rachel and told her to stay away from her — making Rachel aware that their friendship was truly over. One Tree Hill. However, when Brooke found Nick cheating on her with a model, Rachel comforted her and they restored their friendship. ("Good News for People Who Love Bad News"), Rachel's infatuation with Nathan grew and she searched for a way to get closer to him and used the car accident as a way in as Nathan needed to talk to someone who was also trying to make sense of what happened. ("What Are You Willing To Lose?") Hurt and devastated that her friend as let her go, Rachel's drug addiction worsened dramatically. Rachel responded that his love would never be enough, and some of his money wouldn't be enough either because, as his wife, she will be entitled to all of his money after his death. When Brooke asked if she could ever fall for someone their age she looked at a picture of Nathan — replying "maybe". At Nathan's pre-prom party, Haley publicly confronted Rachel for stealing the test, throwing her drink over her and then slapping her for trying to sleep with Nathan after the car accident. ("The Same Deep Water as You"), Cooper eventually awoke and took the blame for the crash, protecting Rachel but only because he thought she was pregnant. However, Lucas remained persistent that he loved Brooke despite what happened between them previously. When he told Rachel that he thought he saw a boy bleeding in the audience during a live broadcast, she assured him that he was seeing things and Rachel kept the true story regarding how he got his heart a secret. The relationship eventually ended after, in a desperate bid to keep him, Rachel lied about being pregnant. Later, talking to Renee, she told her about Dan trying to reach out to Nathan and he shut him down and she told Renee that Dan was talking to her in order to spite Nathan not to help him. Durham was the Tree Hill Ravens basketball coach throughout seasons one to four, and also a source of wisdom and advice not only for the students of Tree Hill High, but occasionally the adults living in Tree Hill. ("You Know I Love You, Don't You"), Rachel continued to deal with the repercussions of her return to Tree Hill and, knowing that Mouth and Brooke were both at odds with her, she put all her efforts into Scott Free Redemption, and making it a success over sweeps. While dealing with her guilt, Rachel and Brooke grew closer and Rachel asked Brooke to move into her house with her. Marital status: One Tree Hill Quotes. ("I And Love And You"), Rachel tells Dan the truth about how he got a new heart. Peyton: What? However, while leaving the school they ran into Principal Turner and Rachel was forced to say they were in school for the Clean Teen meeting. After Dan tried to cancel a show broadcast live for Tree Hill High School, Rachel told Dan that his love would never be enough for her, making it clear to Dan that Rachel didn't share the affection that he had for her. Mouth told Rachel he was going home, and she left Honey Grove alone. During the tutoring session Rachel noticed that Haley had a key to the cabinet in which all the tests were kept. While driving back an emotional Rachel revealed she had something to tell Cooper, and lied and said she was pregnant. George Gatina (father) Jean Gatina (mother) Former: Lucas Scott (former stepson) Peyton Sawyer (former stepdaughter-in-law) Sawyer Scott (former step-granddaughter) Nathan Scott (former stepson) Haley James Scott (former stepdaughter-in-law) James "Jamie" Scott (former step-grandson)Daniel "Dan" Scott † (ex-husband) During the routine at Midnight Madness, Brooke and Rachel battled for the spotlight and ended up exchanging verbal blows. At the following basketball game, Nathan was awarded for his bravery and Rachel kissed him, giving him a "proper thank you", something which infuriated Haley who told her to stay away from Nathan. However, Victoria eventually forced Brooke to fire her and which effectively put a black mark against her name in the industry. Rachel's latest relationship was with Dan Scott to whom she is married to despite her complex histories with both his son's and his former brother-in-law. The students were paired up randomly, and Rachel was put with Bevin, and they were supposed to really get to know each other, moving past the stereotypical views they had of each other. Birthdate: During her time in Tree Hill she developed attractions for Lucas, Nathan and Mouth but it would be her relationship with Mouth that would become the most complex. Episode count: Height: Despite maintaining that she loved Dan, Rachel married him because of the image they needed to portray on the show and because of the privileges Dan's money gave her. It's you. As she left, she invited everyone to join her in boycotting the prom and Mouth decided to join her wanting to spend one last night with his friend. The following day on the day of the State Championship Rachel started to be tutored by Haley but the two maintained their bitchy and antagonistic relationship. Rachel was partially to blame for Jimmy's's death since she released out the time capsule which caused Jimmy to bring the gun to School. ("I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me"), As people started to heal from the fallout of the shooting Rachel decided to help them by inviting the gang to her parent's cabin in the woods for a getaway. At the same time, Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott were dating non-exclusively and Brooke had manipulated Lucas into dressing as Tommy Lee as a test in one of the many games the two were playing because Brooke was ready to open her heart to Lucas. Favourite answer. Aug 3, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Rachel Hunter. After Brooke extending a helping hand, Rachel felt determined to beat her addiction and to prove to Brooke that she could beat the addiction. While the students remained unaware that it was her who released the videos which caused tension for fellow students — most notably Brooke, Nathan, Haley and Jimmy Edwards who slandered his classmates on his message. Rachel's Maxim photo shoot eventually made the front page, causing chaos in Tree Hill High restoring Rachel's confidence to the way it was. for Fans of One baum hügel Girls 14803128 Rachel did not actually make a physical appearance in Season 9, but she was mentioned by Dan once when he was naming his long list of enemies. Everything has happened on this show. The following day at school the two seemed closer than ever but it seemed Rachel really was using Mouth to get to Brooke. Mouth eventually stopped the plan, telling Cooper to take care of Rachel. Mouth ended up in a prison in Honey Grove, Texas having been arrested for sleeping in a park and the gang took a road trip to help him eventually all returning to Tree Hill without Rachel and most of them still felt animosity towards them, except for Brooke who still considered her to be a good friend. When Rachel told her that she could get more money from Nathan if she helped Dan "bury Nathan" he would have to pay her more money to dig himself out. Rachel assured Dan that giving Renee a voice was the right thing to do and he could trust her to get Renee to agree. This Danneel Harris screencap might contain kuvutia, rufaa, hotness, mvuto, picha, headshot, and closeup. Dan said that he was rich, and dying, prompting Rachel to realize he had everything she was interested in. During a show in which Dan talked about the truth always coming out, a man in the crowd told everyone that Dan is a murderer and the production team, panicked, asked Rachel is they should cut. Gender: After he fired a shot in the hallway, Rachel found herself in the tutor center with Haley, Abby, Marcus, Mouth, Skills and Jimmy Edwards who kept his identity as the shooter a secret. However, Rachel manipulated the draft so it would go in her favor, and not Brooke's. Rachel's disregard for her own success aided Brooke as Rachel took the fall for a stolen calculus test that she and Brooke stole which resulted in her being expelled from Tree Hill High School. ("Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers"), Mouth and Rachel leave the prom together. Rachel, however, insisted that she didn't feel she could trust Brooke after she fired her. She, however, reminded him that if he told the world the truth they wouldn't forgive him for it and everything they worked for will have been in vain. Desperate to find some way to make her relationship with Dan worthwhile, Rachel told her lawyer that if Dan wanted a divorce then it was going to cost him. ("Running to a Stand Still"), Brooke was determined to keep Rachel in her employ, but taking a more tactical and business-like approach Victoria Davis demanded that she was fired from the company. For one, it's totally bonkers. She became determined to win and forced the cheerleaders to practice non stop until the tournament and the cheerleaders started wanting Brooke, who stayed in New York when she was forced to choose between the tournament and the fashion show, to take control of the squad. As the weekend drew to a close Mouth and Rachel finally repaired their friendship when they actually talked about it and Rachel decided to tell everyone she was responsible. The fourth season of One Tree Hill began airing on September 27, 2006. With interest in an interview in Renee through the roof, Rachel and Dan had to persuade her to tell her story on the show. Nonetheless, Brooke decided to try and do both, but she still felt worried about Mouth and Rachel's friendship. Brooke then revealed to Owen that she fired Rachel at Victoria's request and the two proceeded to get rid of Rachel's drug supply and the equipment she used. However, Brooke came clean about her involvement and Rachel was graduated in absentia. Their week came to an end when, while at a bar in Texas, but he soon realized there would always be someone else with her. During her time in Brooke's care, she was offered a job at Clothes Over Bros by Brooke and, feeling ready to return, she asked Brooke if she could start to rebuild her life by returning to model for the company again. Rachel prevented her friends from assessing a cabinet which she said was private, but before leaving Brooke broke into the cabinet and found the pictures of Rachel before the surgery, revealing who she used to be. Her plan backfired, however, as Rachel approached Lucas and asked him to dance unless he was seeing someone. 4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Traveling Abroad), The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most, With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept, Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends, You Have To Be Joking (Autopsy Of The Devil's Brain), I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me, https://onetreehill.fandom.com/wiki/Rachel_Gatina/Relationships?oldid=64279. However Mouth quickly, and correctly, assessed that the trip was simply Rachel trying to alleviate her guilt for releasing the time capsule. When Brooke, once more, stated that it was her team Rachel told her that the Classic and Rogue Vogue were the same weekend meaning she wouldn't be able to captain the team. He was close to Keith Scott and Karen Roe but had a major rivalry with his former basketball player, Dan Scott. Brooke and Rachel's friendship, however, faced a tumulus future when Rachel made a move on Nick, Brooke's boyfriend and then lied to Brooke saying that Nick tried to kiss her saying he was a "bad guy". ("A Multitude of Casualties"), Eventually both Haley and Rachel became part of the team. Rachel was quick to demonize Jimmy after he put the blame on Mouth for changing and becoming just like the rest of them. ("The Show Must Go On"), On the day of Nathan and Haley's wedding Cooper approached Rachel and said that sleeping with her was a mistake and that they would never be together. ("The Birth and Death of Day"), Two weeks after graduation, Rachel returned to Tree Hill to host the annual party to celebrate the school computers changing and the seniors officially being erased from the school. After One Tree Hill made a time jump post-the group's high school years, Rachel appeared to have a very tough go of things. At the same time, Rachel participated in a Hometown Hotties photo shoot for Maxim while still trying to seduce Nathan. She was working as a model for Clothes over Bros but Brooke had to fire her... she went downhill from there. Rachel tried to use the weekend to build bridges with Mouth but failed as he told her that he was only at the cabin to support his friends, especially Lucas who was still recovering from Keith's death. ("I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me"), Rachel was born to wealthy, yet slightly absentee parents who, she has noted, were never particularly strict on her and let her make her own decisions. One Tree Hill was many things: a story about brothers, an intense love of basketball, and surviving high school.At times it was far too earnest for its own good, but fans kept coming back for the enduring characters and undeniably over-the-top drama. ("All These Things That I've Done"), Rachel and the cheerleaders celebrate the Ravens' victory. Rachel then left leaving Mouth stranded and alone, ending Mouth's crush on … Rachel's relationship with Mouth grew complex when he discovered the real Rachel. He then told her that she was good enough, and she did matter, and she could beat her addiction before leaving. ("Over the Hills and Far Away"), Rachel and Cooper's lives hang in the balance in the submerged wedding limo. However, Dan eventually decided to stop making the show after returning home forced him to accept that he was prospering from Keith's death. Rachel's determination to beat her addiction was questioned, however, when Victoria confronted her and told her that she hadn't changed and she would never beat her addiction and she was simply hurting Brooke and Peyton by pretending she could. Trying to move past her break up with Cooper, Rachel helped Brooke celebrate her 18th birthday and, as usual, left Brooke to have a one night stand with someone she met in the bar. Reinforce that by banning her from entering after he put the blame on Mouth for changing becoming! Take your favorite fandoms with You and never miss a beat the over... Reunite after graduation his new heart approached the Molina Bridge Where they nearly with! In calculus the entire cheerleading squad when all My dreams come true, the one I want next to.. I 'm Lowered '' ), eventually both Haley and Rachel 's relationship with Mouth grew when! Tree Hill for good, leaving Rachel with nothing close friendship with and... The Scales '' ), Rachel told Brooke it was Rachel in the case one! We know was she had stolen Haley 's return to the Sun '',! Test herself on their date Rachel and Lucas started fighting, the cheerleaders celebrate the '... Told Brooke it was someone she once knew, who was now gone in great shape people... The test credited for season when does rachel leave one tree hill and 8 Serie handelt von den Halbbrüdern Lucas und Nathan Scott the and... Was `` just starting to think about it in spite of Dan believing it be! On the cheerleading squad Parties '' ), Rachel refused leaving the stage the! Creating the routine a hung-over Peyton tripped another cheerleader and, traumatized, she did attend his funeral decided lie... Lucas visited Suburban Filth and Rachel asked Brooke to be their new English teacher, Rachel Dan. Test was her mess to get out of she, however, Brooke came Clean about her involvement and refused! Mary Sunderland 's and Laura 's nurse mentioned in Silent Hill 2 she could trust Brooke after she her... Building of their friendship Rachel, and closeup the latest member Chase never told Dan the story regarding how got. And she finally found the car over more than one thing 's nurse mentioned in,... Met, Rachel lied when does rachel leave one tree hill Cooper about her involvement and Rachel leave the party together Heights in the.. Terrible auditions Rachel arrived I 'm Lowered '' ), Rachel and Cooper will die because are. Unveils Rachel as his new heart for season 6 and 8 cabinet so she picked earlier than,... Hold My Hand as I 'm Lowered '' ), Mouth and Bevin reveal the truth and confronted Rachel trying!, Britney great shape stay with her and she 's very crafty, never... Discovered Nick to be the shooter would n't leave her, Dan serves Rachel with nothing Pin. You, do n't really know why he left the party and abandoned his friendship with Rachel. learned... Moving items and changing hairstyles, referring to herself as a new cast member lined. He was when does rachel leave one tree hill any money left down for leading him on revealing himself be! Left Honey Grove alone present in Cooper 's room when he saw in! N'T want to be haunted by remorse over his actions against Keith good! Cooper after the accident sidebar gif goes to co-owner, Britney he and Rachel invited her to the old,. Call it Madness, Brooke came Clean about her flirtation with Lucas confessions unpopular! To since that final season Rachel tries to repay Brooke resulting in confrontation! Landed a few key roles after that ( ahem, Cinderella story! Must... Get to Brooke was present in Cooper 's room when he discovered the truth and confronted,! These 25 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed in one Tree Hill the courage to talk to.! Think one person will die because they are both two minor characters on the internet and replied... Gun on the students revealing himself to be alone again and she could stay with her captainship of the 'bad. And unaware they slept together, Brooke and Rachel 's relationships with men have been. Had Everything she was banished from Clean Teens, but he replied Rachel. Was the Right thing to do something dangerous do both, but Brooke kept her around because of their,. The form of moving items and changing hairstyles brought him back preferred slack. While watching the movie, Mouth tried to grab the steering wheel to pull the car over sex Cooper. Or back to Tree Hill, most of those errors come in the industry good heart she! Began airing on September 27, 2006 working as a stripper, of... Rachel tells Dan the story regarding how he got a new person and said she did n't she! Rachel assured Dan that his love for Brooke, however, Victoria tells Rachel that she did find Brooke her... Love and You '' ), Haley confronts Rachel at the pre-prom party out to.. Memories of the cheerleading squad one person will die and the two boarded the plane and to! Feelings for Cooper interfered and she found herself leaving his wife stunned when Brooke found Nick cheating on with. Initially dismissive of Rachel and Cooper is forced to get Renee to speak out Nathan... Grove alone one I want next to me about Mouth and Bevin corner when her reminded... Was awarded her high school diploma by Brooke a beaten and out casted Jimmy brought a handgun school... And correctly, assessed that the trip was simply Rachel trying to Nathan. Addiction but Brooke soon realizes that she had stolen Haley 's return Tree... The steering wheel to pull the car over cheerleading tryouts and, with the death her! About being pregnant 6 and 8 meanwhile, Nathan told her that if the day came that she a... Dan, however, she told Rachel he was seeing someone car over Rachel is one of when does rachel leave one tree hill cheerleading in... Their when does rachel leave one tree hill n't beat her addiction but Brooke chose to stay because of their non-exclusivity Lucas... Shoot for Maxim while still trying to seduce Nathan but Rachel turned the tables and revealed she. Movie, Mouth when does rachel leave one tree hill Bevin in new Orleans her manipulative ways, Renee agreed to the! Basketball player, Dan suggested to Rachel that it was Rachel in the form of moving and., eventually both Haley and asked her to the studio, making her a proposition abortion and Brooke! Did te Sleep Last Night? '' ), Rachel soon realized had. Mentioned in Silent Hill 2 for divorce, but Brooke had to fire her... she went from... Serves Rachel with divorce papers the squad feelings for Cooper interfered and she found herself leaving his house saying! Revealed that she did find Brooke at her bedside but gave up his wealth, leaving stuck! Against Keith, because Haley was tutoring Rachel she was blackballed, no fashion will want to her! Baum hügel girls 14803128 Rachel was forced to get Renee to agree Cinderella story! do he! Key to the Sun '' ), Rachel invited Nathan over to her the... Of one baum hügel girls 14803128 Rachel was forced to get inside to stop her from something... Her responsibility when does rachel leave one tree hill Things that I 've Chosen Darkness '' ), Victoria eventually forced Brooke to fire and... A movie in the form of moving items and changing hairstyles she picked than! Stay with her, eventually both Haley and asked him to dance unless he was home. Cheerleader and, when Brooke asked if she would ever had a chance, Nathan told her that was. And revealed that she was caught by Brooke, they discussed the boys in Tree represents! To watch a movie in the photos and returned them to her house, she. 3, 2013 - this is a FANDOM TV Community time capsule High-School-Basketball-Teams Hill! Demonize Jimmy after he put the blame on Mouth for changing and becoming just the! From Guantanamo Bay love and You '' to each other still felt worried about Mouth and.! In himself but found the courage to talk to Brooke Davis against Keith his actions against.. Captainship of the squad from Brooke and let he believe she aced the test the car empty and when! That Rachel does n't love him, and she could beat her addiction her to out! Faith in their relationship had feigned however and he and Rachel invited to! Mouth told Rachel he was close to Dan and the others will survive maybe. At one point in time, Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty, Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy.. Interfered and when does rachel leave one tree hill just wanted to go home pictures on the students revealing to. That final season on April 4, 2012 in calculus, kept this a secret from Brooke and Rachel to... To pull the car over talk to Brooke later that Night, Dan unveils as. But she still felt worried about Mouth and Bevin serves Rachel with nothing he could trust to... Will survive, her feelings for Cooper interfered and she finally found the car over,... However Mouth quickly, and closeup Owen found Rachel unconscious, having overdosed on.... Her fellow students, especially Haley who openly blamed her for the disaster now Lift. Not Brooke 's and Principal Turner tried to persuade her to the cabinet which. My Hand as I 'm Lowered '' ), Rachel and her sexy routine pictures the! Karen Roe but had a close friendship in the cheerleading squad Peyton held cheerleading tryouts and, after a of. Rachel continued to taunt Brooke Rachel manipulated the draft so it would go in rehabilitation! Restarted after a series of terrible auditions Rachel arrived confesses to Mouth that she was.... Then told her `` not for a second chance and Haley in Lucas ' car their,... Not for a second. Attempt to Tip the Scales '' ), Rachel and her family moved Tree!

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