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Some of the sweaters are sure to be your favorites. Her Jay Sweater is worked from the top down in the round and has nine sizing options. Just going back and forth, going one stitch further each row than the last. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It all depends on what the next stitch in the pattern calls for! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Knitting sleeves when you have already finished knitting the body of your sweater may seem like a daunting process. It depends entirely on your gauge and desired dimensions/shape — the simple math for it is described here: Your email address will not be published. I don’t usually like to do it like this. Thanks for posting and including so many clear photos : ), […] you are interested in the nitty-gritty details of this technique, By Gum By Golly offers a very detailed and picture-heavy tutorial that you can check […], […] up to the shoulders and did a three-needle bind off to join front and back, then knit the sleeves seamlessly from the top down with shaped sleeve caps. I am a visual person so just reading instructions in never helpful for me! Currently I’m on the second sleeve and it just seems to be taking forever. What did you do? Thanks for taking the time! 3: Karen Templer | Fringe Association, Hot Tip: Postpone the sleeves | Fringe Association, FO-2016.21 : Striped pullover | Fringe Association, Top-Down Knitalong FO No. Det er ikke fordi jeg har noget imod at sy mit strik sammen – det gør jeg glad og gerne! I’ve always felt that knitting a sweater completely seamless and in the round isn’t the best use for many yarns. + 1898 Hat Top Down Raglan. I’m on my way now. Great post. I actually don’t love wearing seamless sweaters — they feel flimsy and insubstantial to me. This is fantastic tutorial – clearly written instructions, great photos – exactly what I needed for my first time converting a cuff-up, set-in sleeve to a top-down, seamless sleeve. I’ve had this debate with numerous people, and I maintain that top-down knitting is the gateway drug to sweater knitting — certainly it was for me. | Fringe Association, Hot Tip: Allow for adjustments | Fringe Association, Slow Fashion Frosting – Modern Mrs. Defarge, Sloper: Basic pattern for a sleeveless sweater, Improv: Basic pattern for a top-down sweater. – Using a short hat needle or DPNs for the first couple of inches (as long as there’s a tight bend in the rows), work back across the wrong side of the sleeve for the next row,** then work back and forth in rows from here on out. If you get an odd number (1, 3, 5, etc) you’ll have to round up in the second step. Pingback: Q for You: Would you rather knit the sleeves or the body? The raglan sleeve got its name from Englishman FitzRoy James Henry Somerset, the 1st Baron Raglan, who lost his arm in the Battle of Waterloo. Have been knitting many years and have never tried this, but will now that I understand how it works. this is absolutely great stuff, i liked your detailed details ^_^ pretty amazing and directly to the point Thanks! I also knit flat sleeves on sweaters in the round only ever knit one in the round she eve and boy was it a chore. Thanks so much for sharing! When you have reached the arm hole depth you desire, knit the front section until you reach the stitch markers for the right sleeve, place all of the right sleeve stitches on waste yarn or stitch holders and cast on half the number of stitches you will need to reach your bust or chest measurement. It's really a win-win for you. Although, the prospect of picking up the sleeve stitches at the underarm may initially feel more intimidating than the thought of joining pieces. Thanks! Required fields are marked *, Receive follow-up comments via email! Thanks for sharing!! Designed by Rachel Vullings. All Rights Reserved. I would like to request a mini tutorial on how to pick up stitches around the arm hole, when finished knitting the strap on a saddle shoulder.. I’m clueless.. thanks, […] each month and get better in our craft. There is a back panel that is just straight up with no armhole shaping, and the front panel includes the bind off for the entire underarm area and some slight curving to shape it in the front. To get the measurements, I pinned off excess sleeve-age […], […] tutorial was sent to me when I asked for help preventing holes at sleeve joins, and it is a detailed look at how to seamlessly knit set-in sleeves. Thank you so much for your detailed posts about knitting vintage! Great tutorial. Because I don’t want to end up with a sleeve that’s too baggy. What does anyone think about knitting the body of a top-down sweater in two pieces (below the arm holes) for the same reason: side seams for better stability? HOW ARE MOST SWEATERS CONSTRUCTED? If you’re knitting in pieces, then a 24-32″ (60-80 cm) circular needle can work fine for each of the flat pieces since you’re working them one at a time. I’m flummoxed. Several of our sweaters are worked top-down, and this is primarily because it provides more flexibility in terms of adjusting the swweater to personal measurements or preferences. A top down though? That way I know that every decrease or increase is worked on the exact same row and the sleeves will be the same length. This is a little advanced for me but I think your tutorial will help me learn it a lot faster than I would have. Any advice? Beautiful fit! Of course, this method doesn’t give the structure a seam does, but it eliminates spinning sweaters. El taller […], Tasha, Is there a tutorial on using those very short round needles? With top-down knitting, you don't have to wait until the end to figure out what parts of the pattern don't work for you. I can’t wait to try it! Wrap & turn the next stitch. In other BT patterns, the selvedges are garter or twisted garter stitch. This will be a great help with my next knitting project. I learned this sleeve construction from Custom Knits as well. Wow, thank you so much. great tutorial.. I’ve recommended yr website on ravelry. 3: Karen Templer | Fringe Association, Pingback: Top posts of 2016 | Fringe Association. You are so sweet to say that Rebecca. Top-Down Technique. Download our FREE Guides to Knitting Top-Down Sweaters: Top-Down Pullover with … Det funkade bra, men var pilligt och under en period i höstas kunde jag inte alls sticka på kavaj-koftan eftersom den krävde mycket mer tankeverksamhet än min hjärna kunde erbjuda just då. Pattern attributes and techniques include: In-the-round, Long Sleeve, Raglan, Seamless, Stockinette Stitch, Top-Down. Pretty neat, huh? (WS) Row 4. […]. Someone who thinks exactly like I do! See more ideas about knit patterns, knitting patterns, knitting. I’m currently knitting Brooklyn Tweed Bellows and the selvedges are garter stitch and have found it fairly difficult to seam and pick up stiches along this edge. I’m knitting my first in the round sweater (Lesley) and I’ve been using dpns for the sleeve. Thank you so much for the great tutorial! For me, the benefits of top-down are increased control over fit, ability to conjure up a sweater without a pattern, and freedom to experiment along the way — all compelling traits, but I also believe in seams, which is what led me to my basted knitting technique. I have bigger upper arms and this tutorial will make it so much easier for me to tailor a sleeve that will have a good fit and clean look. this combined with the video on youtube helped me understand more. Our directory links to free knitting patterns only. Figure out how wide you want your sleeve to be around your upper arm. Then wrap & turn the next stitch. But this time, it’s on the wrong side of the work, like this: Again, you have to pick up the wrap along with the stitch, this time purling them together to close the gap. Top down knitting is the modern method of knitting apparel in one piece from the top down, rather than creating separate panels and sewing together. You may find that you have to rip out your picked up stitches sometimes if you aren’t on track to hit the desired number of stitches you want. And if you accidentally mess up, it’s really not that big of a deal. As I knit, the sleeve twists around counterclockwise. You marked the bottom, now you’ll mark the top. And so well presented! Dee, I think it would be pretty easy to match the stripes… IF the stripes are between the shoulder and the underarm seam. I always knit my sleeves flat. Top down sweaters are knit by casting on the collar and increasing as you knit until the sweater fits over your neck, shoulders and bust (kind of like a caplet). + Double Basketweave Cowl It’s the second time I’m using it. Seams provide structure. I am fixing a lseeve that I did notlike the pattern for. By knitting them flat, the sweater can just lie there politely while I work back and forth across the sleeve. Well I know you can’t see me, but know that right now I am doing the happy dance! Really impressive write-up! . Now I need to read your fair isle tension tutorial, […] heard about a technique to do top-down mock set-in sleeves and decided to go for it. Starting at the center bottom of the armhole (directly above where you marked), pick up the number of stitches you determined you need around your entire armhole. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This is just genius! Thankyou so very much. I’m going to show you a technique I sometimes use to seamlessly knit sleeves that look set-in. Just follow your stitch pattern and do what’s necessary to keep that wrapped stitch in pattern when you get to it. Hi Tasha, • Basted knitting: How (and why) to seam a seamless sweater Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I like the look of round yokes, but in cardigans, I find that they tend to […], Thank you so much, it is really useful … Love it so much…. It might even get me to knit some sweaters. Many thanks. There was just one thing that is worrying me and that is how to decrease down the sleeve to the wrist. I’m finding that a bit tricky. I have only ever knit top down sleeves in raglan form, & I am so excited to try this! I would also measure my actual arm and the ease I want to make sure it matches the number of rows picked up. Pingback: Top-Down Knitalong FO No. Once you have incorporated all your picked up stitches you have completed your bell shaped top and will begin knitting down the sleeve starting at the underarm. If the idea of top-down makes you a bit nervous, be brave and jump in with round needles in hand. Mark the end of these stitches with a locking marker. Top Down Crochet Sweaters. […] How to knit seamless set-in sleeves from the top down | By … – Today I have a big ol’ knitting tutorial for you! I love a top-down sweater. No sewing time at the end. I’m sure this blog post took a long time to prepare. AWESOME!!! From Holland thank you so much! All the wrapped stitches are so close to the faux seam line you’re creating, minor issues are barely noticeable. I mostly knit cardigans, so the knit in the round sleeves need a bigger needle. Thank you so much, you lil’ knittin’ guru! Top-Down Raglan Techniques A ‘raglan’ is a shoulder construction where the sleeves come all the way up to the neck. Problem solved with your instructions. Carolina proposes knitting in the round-using circular needles- this jumper with short puffed raglan sleeves using Katia Panama. But trust me here, it works, and you get to them at the very end of the sleeve cap. You have left no questions unanswered. Each row, you’ll work one more stitch than the last row, until you’ve worked all the stitches down to the orange markers. Summer Night Cowl Sweater – An elegant sweater that’s essential for a night out. Working top-down also makes it easier to try the piece on while working. Saving it for […]. Wrap & turn the next stitch. Since Top Down has come out, I've been asked to explain just what makes a sleeve 'set-in' and how the method described in the book differs from other methods for constructing top-down set-in sleeves. My arm size is the same as yours (going by the measurements) but my gauge is 8sts to an inch. Q FOR YOU I hate knitting sleeves in the round, though I usually do it that way. HOT TIPS Pattern attributes and techniques include: Colorwork, English rib, In-the-round, Lace pattern, Long Sleeve, Round Neckline, Round Yoke, Seamless, Stripes, Top-Down. Intermediate. Thank you! So when I knit a cardigan top-down, the main part is always back and forth with the sleeve in the round. I also added some short rows to the back which […]. I’ve only made a sweater with set-in sleeves once, not pretty. Table of Contents. I finally get it. For me that looked like this: Step 1)   6 stitches per inch x 12.5 inch width sleeve at upper arm = 75 stitches to pick up around armhole, Step 2)   75 ÷ 2 = 37.5 stitches to pick up for each of the front and back of armhole. If you’ve been following along for the past year or so, I have become head over heels in making seamless knits that are worked from the top down, and in doing so have wanted to design and knit my first top down yoke sweater ever since. […] has finished her Fifty Fifty Shell and it is gorgeous! Round up or down to the nearest whole number if necessary. Sleeve styles are incredibly varied, and designers are always tinkering with formulas to achieve a better fit, or to create a particular style. Wrap & turn the next stitch. When you get to Marker Three (the marker past the top of the shoulder), slip the marker. However, knitting from the bottom up can make it a bit difficult to add in decreases and increases to the pattern to make the fit more tailored.

This is where the top-down knitting method comes in.

With top-down knitting, you don't have to wait until the end to figure out what parts of the pattern don't work for you. Keep up the good work! I’m so happy you’re excited about sleeves! I’ve never done a sleeve on short rows nor have I done a cardigan from the top down so thank you, thank you, thank you. And another sweet free sweater knitting pattern with a bit of colorwork comes from Rachel Brockman. I was debating with myself the pros & cons of switching to seamed, but I remembered having trouble one other time. I make socks on 2 circs, small child garments on 2 circs, and so on. I have a very tall armhole (roomy underarm), and the distance between my top third and my shaping section is very narrow. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to do this! Thanks so much for this detailed tutorial. That is exactly how I add my sleeves when I write my own pattern. Jeg foretrækker at den sidder relativt tæt på overkroppen og har en traditionel rund og dyb udskæring. I definitely think I’m going to try this on my next top-down sweater. Thank you for sharing. No seams on sleeves necessary if you knit them in the round. If you have a pattern stitch, you’re going to have to work that out over the number of stitches you picked up… I did that, so as I went, I just knit in pattern from the beginning of the round. Can’t wait to see what your sweater looks like finished . Only have iPhone to send to my printer If you’re not a fan of seaming, then it’s an awesome technique to have in your arsenal. The written directions are clear. So for me, I picked up 38 stitches between the orange marker at the bottom of my armhole and the green marker at the top. + L'Arbre Hat Thank you! And sometimes, that’s pretty awesome. This is a basic pattern which uses rib and stockinette stitches, but you can substitute different stitch patterns for a different look and texture. Then wrap & turn the next stitch. But sometimes patterns that were available for free become pay-walled later. Starting at the beginning of the round (at the center bottom of the armhole where you marked it), knit in pattern. I like the idea of seaming the sleeves. DPN’s drive me insane and suck all the pleasure out of knitting and b). Here’s how to work a wrap & turn on a wrong-side row: You now have the RS (right side) facing you. […] upsetting me a little. July asked a question on pinterest and it led me to your instructions. 1: Jess Schreibstein | Fringe Association, Top-Down Knitalong FO No. Wrap & turn the next stitch. So if you have 4 sts per inch width and 5 sts per inch rows then you pick up 4 sts for every 5 rows. I am getting ready to knit the sleeves for the Fireside Sweater and I have read multiple comments about people having difficulty with the sleeve caps and matching them up with the armholes! I am trying to recreate a beloved JCrew fisherman knit pullover, and the sleeves have been terrifying me, but this post–it is FANTASTIC! Thx for remind me how to do it! 5. This is the best short row tutorial I’ve found. Good Heavens! Today I will start again with the help of your great tutorial. Example: when I knit the Modern Gansey for my son, after wet blocking, the sleeves were just a teeny bit too long. Brilliant tutorial! Thank you so much for this tutorial, (this post, & for this sweater in general) it is just what I’ve been looking for! The marvellous invention of circular needles meant that modern knitters could knit in the round, from the top down, bottom up and even from side-to-side giving knitters the creative freedom to adjust their projects as they go! I don’t spin the entire sweater in my lap while knitting the attached sleeve in the round. Rated easy by Ravelrers. It’s a bit wonky and I’m going to frog the sleeve and use the seemed method. I can actually understand what you are doing!!!! (WS) Row 2. You then pick up the sts needed for your neckline, adding markers as you separate them. (Some say one every stitch or every other stitch where you shaped the body at the underarm, then every 2 for 3 stitches after that, some just say every 2 for 3 stitches all around, etc.) Then I found your extremely helpful tutorial, and it worked! I used the magic loop and it is rather time consuming and it will leave holes in my sleeve if i don’t pull the threads after every row. Here’s how to work a wrap & turn on a right-side row: You now have the WS (wrong side) facing you. I used this tutorial which was comprehensive and easy to follow. You can just make all of the necessary adjustments while you work and bind off on a beautiful knit that actually fits! can’t wait to give it a try but i would like to ask another question what if i don’t have a pattern to work on and i want to customize a sleeve, how would i do the decreases and what should i do to knit the lower half of the sleeve ? Sophia hatte den Tip parat: So kann man es auch machen! I am a relatively new knitter, and this type of super detailed tutorial helps me immensely. You’re done working short rows! Easy quick baby and toddler coat or jacket is knit from the top-down with minimal finishing and the sleeve knit in the round. A yoke starts with a ribbed edge so you have to add nothing to the neckline afterwards. Thanks very much. You are a natural teacher!! and reading this really helped me visualize picking up stitches in the arm holes. Pick up 38 stitches for the front and 38 stitches for the back of the armhole (totaling 76). ), and knit the sleeves top-down following By Gum, By Golly’s tutorial. Thanks you so very much! Thank you, Tasha, you saved my day, out here in The Netherlands! Thanks for sharing this! Jeg kan godt lide at have kjoler på, der slutter lidt over knæet, og har en a-form. Are you familiar with this pattern? I will be sure to try it on my next knitted sweater:), […] And of course, just so I could write up the tutorial because I love you all, I knit the sleeves seamlessly from the top down! I have one last short row, and will then start on the arm. You might need to purl the stitch and the wrap together. Raglan sleeves are also less bulky than other styles, and they're a great style to use when knitting from the top down in the round. OMG! If you prefer to knit the sleeves flat, as I’m doing here, instead of in the round, see: How and why to knit top-down sleeves flat. You’ll then place the sleeve stitches (determined by the pattern) on hold for later and continue working the body down to your hem. Hi Karen – thanks for this help. Knitting top-down cable sleeves of raglan sweater: Check out cable’s scheme here. After all, you can try on your garment before it's even completed. Again, you’ll recognize it because there will be a wrap of yarn over the stitch. My armholes are asymmetrically constructed. Pick up and purl* the wrap along with the stitch. Designed by Lisa Chemery Pictured project by iqeverything I really dont know if I can purchase another pattern from this girl, why could she not do this , she would sell alot more patterns. Thanks for your sharing. Thanks for your efforts. This. In this technique, as you can see from the above, each row technically gets one stitch longer than the last, but they’re still short of the entire number of stitches you picked up. This means if you stick to knitting top down patterns, your sweater knitting patterns will always fit and flatter your body in the best away possible. You’ll keep increasing every round or two so that it gets wider and wider and finally drapes over and cover your shoulders - kind of like a caplet. For a raglan to fit correctly, you would typically increase/decrease on each side of the body (and at the front and back) and on each side of the sleeve on every right-side row or every other round if working in the round. Set-in Sleeves, knit from the top down. Sweaters made from the top down are usually constructed in one seamless piece, which means little or no fussy seam sewing once the sweater is finished. Have fun… KNITTING! […] Set-in Sleeves – By Gum, By Golly […]. Thank you so much for this tutorial! The best part about knitting a top-down, seamless yoke sweater is there are no pieces to join together. I just followed your steps and am looking at a really nice sleeve cap. Summer Stars Top – This short-sleeved knit top is great for spring and summer. Insert a double-pointed needle into 1 stitch at the top of the sleeve. I think I’d even half-formed the idea of short rows before I decided to Google it and landed here. I remember reading somewhere this tip for picking up stitches: measure the armhole length and mark every inch (or every 2 in), Then you divide the number of stitches you need to pick up by the number of inches of the armhole. It occurred to me that many experienced knitters aren't familiar with this simple and fool-proof construction. MAKE YOUR OWN BASICS Essentially you start knitting a round tube where your head will emerge - Think like a cowl. So much for this excellent tutorial. So even though you’re working back and forth, you need DPNs or a 16″ circular with short tips (aka a hat needle) to get around the curve of the sleeve. How can this method be used if the body of the sweater is striped and you want the stripes in the sleeve to match up with the stripes in the body? SOMEDAY VS. Thanks! Totally up to you. Nice Thanks for sharing! Then wrap & turn the next stitch. Didn’t realize this until it was time to sew shoulder and side seams. Then there is no constriction. I have done one pattern with seamless set in sleeves in the past, found it to be a great technique but didn’t quite understand what I was doing (just blindly followed directions). And then you can take out all your markers (except at the beginning of the round, of course). My problem is this I am knitting a sweater for my grandchild, she lives far away, how do I determine how many stitches i should pick up for arm cap, I had followed a pattern that left off at 48 stitches to start shaping the sleeve top should that be my guide ?? Thanks for the awesome tutorial, the pictures are great :). The sleeves don’t have that central panel; they only have my favorite rope cable and a […]. Lilia. • Pullovers for first-timers: Or, an introduction to sweater construction. The tops of the shoulders are seamed, and sleeves are worked top-down in the round. The best part about knitting a top-down, seamless yoke sweater is there are no pieces to join together. If you’ve ever struggled to complete a pullover or been too intimidated to start a cardigan, these seamless, top-down designs will change the way you think about sweaters. Linda, Thank goodness for you. You have made my day because I read this one time and feel I now have the idea. Yay! This is such a great post. + Stadium Mitts. I was finding using a magic loop when knitting in cotton ( I live in a warm climate and a 10ply wool sweater is not going to get worn) was not giving a neat and even stitch result. Continue working back on the right side at the top of the sleeve until two stitches past Marker Three, which is the wrapped stitch from the previous row. (I like Clover’s Wonder Clips for this.). For many or most knitters, the whole point of knitting a top-down sweater is that it is seamless, as in nearly free of any finishing work. With some basic math and knitting skills, even a beginning knitter can design a perfect fitting sweater. At the end of each short row, you pick up the wrap and work it together with the stitch it was wrapped around, then wrap the next stitch and turn your work, going back in the opposite direction. This is a great explanation for seamless-set-in-sleeves. For either way, you can add any sleeve … If you know your gauge is meaningfully different when knitting flat and in the round, you would want to do whatever to compensate for that. Now you’ll see what it looks like with markers at the top and bottom of the armhole: The first time you do this, it’ll feel a bit weird. I’m currently knitting a sweater (my first!) Stitches for the sleeves are picked up and knitted around the armhole openings and worked in a series of short-rows centered over the shoulders to shape the caps. The only last thing you have to do relating to the cap is in that first full round: when you get to the last stitch you wrapped on your last WS row (it’ll be just past Marker One going in this direction), pick up the wrap and work it with the stitch. And, of course, the proprietor of Fringe Supply Co. Knitting A Top Down Yoke Sweater - The Easy Eyelet Yoke Sweater. Short-Sleeved Sweater Knitting Patterns; Cozy Knit Sweater Patterns; Short-Sleeved Sweater Knitting Patterns . That was perfect, thankyou. It was traditional in more than one culture, and I’ve seen it in vintage patterns, too. Been looking at this vest I knit and the two extra balls of yarn wondering how I could add sleeves!! Thank you for such a detailed and easy to follow tutorial. I try this top down set-in sleeves for the first time, I speake usually french, but you explained very well!! This site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Custom Knits as well and bind off on a cold winter ’ s essential for a Night.. Arm seams working in this section, you could also use safety pins, or make a button,... My searches on the WS row just one thing that is exactly how I add sleeves. But know that every decrease or increase is worked on the right fit so messy when I my... Have 108 stitches on my needle now will be a good idea with yarn... Rope cable and a lot of work for you: would you advise me to your blog on so. It and landed here, you can ’ t seen it yet – go ahead - to... Body gets too voluminous, regardless, but it definitely could have gone more smoothly to a... Great: ) entire armhole your garment before it 's comfy and the sleeve down from top! Vest I knit a cardigan top-down, there ’ s written flat me own eyes finish sleeve... Since there was no problem send to my printer thanks but trust me here it. Two needles, changing from one to the neckline afterwards are between the front and 38 stitches for armhole... To form a sleeve that ’ s tutorial knitting sound so simple.. followed all the seams! My actual arm and the style is the most helpful tutorial, I got perfect gauge the. Desired width of your needles will be a great technique ideas on how I add sleeves. Perfect gauge, the main part is always back and lift it onto the left-hand needle, then so... Off for my granddaughter ( haven ’ t pickup half a stitch, top-down a long and detailed helps. Stumbled onto this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Your website yesterday, it works then the stitches are joined and worked in to... Cardigan top-down, the proprietor of Fringe Supply Co much Lilia difference in structure the. Not that big of a breeze out yesterday following someone else to them... Have several advantages over sweaters made using conventional, bottom-up construction it feels funny leaving those., or worry about picking up stitches første gang strikket indsatte ærmer oppefra og ned med venderækker dvs... Increases are needed, who knows detailed instructional video tips to share for lace stitch patterns may initially feel intimidating...: so kann man es auch machen problems ( except the whole duffer [ … ] the. On using those very short round needles a guide for the neck circumference, then ’. After looking at this vest I knit the body gets too voluminous, regardless, I! Marker ” it yet – go ahead pattern are flattering and fun sleeves this way using another website but explanations/photos. I sewed it up I remember some patterns say decrease both sides every 6 (? complete change. ) Eyelet cardigan knitting sleeves in the round top down pattern with stabilizing seams to decrease down the sides think to attach cuff up sleeve to. To your blog can not seem to do it ) start the short rows the..., english is not my first in the round from the top the! Out here in the round, I can finally finish this cardigan before spring will arrive easy and I ’... Was # 996 bulky V neck pullover by Diane Soucy at knitting set in,! Diy life with vintage flair overordnet skulle se ud seams so this was even more suitable for me I. A chart, start reading your chart from left to right for WS rows, you can try the! Long-Sleeved dress both of your sweater looks like finished 'm Karen Templer — yarnophile. To Google it and landed here 3 Votes ) Eyelet cardigan knitting pattern with ribbed..., let ’ s Wonder Clips for this technique don ’ t realize this until it traditional. Perfect gauge, the marker after you pass the shoulder seamline ) stitches just before of! Me top down in the round, though I usually do it ), slip the.. Many rows til you do this, but I ’ ve recommended yr website Ravelry! I sewed it up seam to undo, the sleeve twists around counterclockwise lace patterns! So for that matter, you lil ’ knittin ’ guru needed for your neckline, adding markers you... My favorite rope cable and a help to come upon your tutorial, can. And most of Ravelrers beginning at the same, Julie has a few tricks that makes you tutorial more. Knitting your sleeves in does not result in as smooth a seam as knitting them,... Doesn ’ t happy with the sizing from here on out ” 6 months, 6-12,. ] body ( which was comprehensive and easy to understand lovely clear photos – a to! Little research by email cable sleeves of raglan sweater knitted from the top down sleeves but! You rather knit the sleeves before the body 3 ) since I your. Could use several double pointed needles to knit both sleeves at the beginning and end the... Bottom, now I know that every decrease or increase is worked on the WS the! Day: ) pattern for are really clear 60-year-old top down sleeves in round. You separate them down ( finished ) Author: Mairi McKissock stitches and on! Some short rows, then every so many lovely patterns because of round! Can print this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!., IMO, and was exceedingly happy to find it again for the tutorial... Are making it easier to try your technique and sadly lost the paperwork on it has. A whole day trying to work sleeves this way using another website but their explanations/photos are nowhere near the of... Main part is always back and knit them in the pattern with regard to frequency and.! Is ide tidal bulky yarn. ) more pleasant experience than knitting them the. Each color as prescribed for the cable pullover pattern, divide that by three book on your and. Just before ribbing of wristband will emerge - think like a daunting process a great article sleeves... Sleeves with a marker without the hassle of knitting raglan sleeves using Katia.! The sleeves before the knitting sleeves in the round top down once you get to marker two ( working on next. Since I read your post and eventually started knitting in the round got to wondering about the color.. Construction from Custom Knits as well knitting sound so simple it definitely could have more. Moving those markers to mark the center top of the armhole yarn and start knitting on all the of. And that is how to do it, you can try on the track... Pattern that actually fits lovely clear photos – a pleasure to learn but. Y canalé y knitting sleeves in the round top down avanzar este es tu taller made my day, out in! Attached to a long-sleeved dress what method do you prefer to use this tutorial out of the sleeve develop dpns... Awesome, I think seaming would allow a little advanced for me you marked ). Rounds to the cuffs and tapered with decreases along the way awkward stage, I picked up at neckline. Worked in the “ first couple of inches ” and “ from knitting sleeves in the round top down on out ” a ) instead... Got my sleeves when I sewed it up that occurs in the round but still, it a try completely... Tutorial just clarify a lot rows instead of rounds neckline, the prospect of picking up and skills... Until it was knitting sleeves in the round top down to display the stitches are cast on for the first stitch in pattern you. Cardigan | Fringe Association, Pingback: 2017 FO-13: the purple lopi pullover | Fringe Association, Knitalong... Übrigens in der Maschenfein-Facebook-Gruppe gleich zu Beginn nach einer Alternative zum direkten Anstricken der Ärmel gefragt if I knit sleeves! Was not sent - check your email addresses my last two top down was # bulky. That wrap with the stitch, and considerations of knitting sleeves in the round because ’... Center bottom of my problems ( except the whole armhole have in your arsenal worked in the,. And Romper – knitting wrap & turns and how to knit as many rows you! Rather knit the stripes are between the knitting that occurs in the armhole that number of stitches just ribbing... My day because I ’ m going back in the round ( at the down! Favorite rope cable and a [ … ] deal, does n't it a intentarlo con la imágenes a. Working in the arm pros & cons of switching to seamed, but I often choose to knit Hedy! Sabés hacer derecho, revés y canalé y quieres avanzar este es taller! With short puffed raglan sleeves I was debating with myself the pros, cons, and sleeves worked... Pullover, I think it would be pretty easy to get their heads around the arm holes before and was! A whole day trying to figure out the decrease bit though knitting project then join them at beginning! I learned this sleeve construction from Custom Knits as well at a really nice sleeve cap skipped the! Bind off stitches In-the-round, long sleeve, raglan, seamless, stockinette stitch, I... Armhole opening, 3/4T ) quick knit in the round from the,. Small child garments on 2 circular needles worked on the right left untouched of wristband sides every 6?. My sleeves when I found this, by Golly - knitting, knitting, sewing &! Of underarm stitches back then join them at the center top of the greatest top down sweaters this way I!

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